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United World in Diversity

“United World in Diversity” is an art project that uniquely unveils the beauty of our world and its diversity. As an artist, I strive to establish a profound connection with the world through the mediums of painting and music.

I create a painting for every country in the world. So in total there are 196 countries. But i have 1 bonuscountry “Land of Ward”. So in total i make 197 paintings. Each painting I create is the result of intuitive and abstract expression, where I capture my feelings about each country on the canvas. My focus lies on culture, nature, and history. I intuitively select the music. I first listen to various music pieces from the respective country and then choose the music track. While painting, I play the track on repeat, entering a kind of trance where I feel completely connected to the country.

I aim to inspire others to embrace the beauty of diversity and experience how painting and music can come together to create a deeper connection with the world around us. This project invites you to journey with me and explore the richness of our world together—a world where we are all interconnected through diversity. Hence, the title “United World in Diversity.”

25. Gambia – Anke djé, anke bé

Canvas 60 cm X 100 cm

24. France – Le roi soleil borgne

Canvas 120 cm X 80 cm

23. Sweden – Ingen ko på iset

Canvas 120 cm X 80 cm

22. China – qí hǔ nán xià

Canvas 100 cm X 100 cm

21. Bolivia – Arból de la esperanza, mantente firme

Canvas 100 cm X 60 cm

20. Iceland – Allt í lagi

Canvas 80 cm X 120 cm

19. Fiji Islands – ni sa yadra

Canvas 80 cm X 1200 cm

18. Laos – khob tjai

Canvas 120 cm X 80 cm

17. Eritrea – ምስላ ኤርትራውያን።

Canvas 80 cm X 40 cm

16. Ireland – Tá mé ar muin na muice SOLD

Canvas 80 cm X 40 cm

15. Argentina – La posta SOLD

Canvas 60 cm X 60 cm

14. Costa Rica – Pura Vida 

Canvas 60 cm X 50 cm

13. Land of Ward SOLD

Canvas 80 cm X 70 cm

12. Vietnam – cây

Canvas 50 cm X 40 cm

11. Philipines – Bahala na

Canvas 75 cm X 55 cm

10. Colombia – Traga   SOLD

Canvas 80 cm X 40 cm

9. Kenia – Siku njema huonekana asubuhi

Canvas 50 cm X 40 cm

8. Uruguay – Salado

Canvas 40 cm X 30 cm

7. Portugal – Eu te amo

Canvas 40 cm X 30 cm

6. India – Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Canvas 70 cm X 60 cm

5. South Korea – 개구리 올챙이 적 생각 못한다 SOLD

Canvas 40 cm X 60 cm

4. Chili – Gracias a la Vida 

Canvas 80 cm X 60 cm

3. Japan – 私は光を選びます

Canvas 80 cm X 60 cm

2. South Africa – Nie onder ’n kalkoen uitgebroei wees nie. SOLD

Canvas 60 cm X 80 cm

1. Ukraine – Не покидай мене SOLD 

Canvas 60 cm X 80 cm

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